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The Beach
One of Phi Phi's Most Beautiful Beaches

The Beach by Alex Garland is about young travellers who drop out of society and go to live in a hidden lagoon in Southern Thailand. Fox bought the rights to the book, signed up Leonardo DiCaprio to play the lead role and then scouted for the location.

Maya Bay was perfect. Fox decided that the perfect beach needed some palm trees and less vegetation so they rearranged the beach to fit a Hollywood stereotype.

Beforehand, environmentalists said removing vegetation would increase the risk of sand erosion and that the delicate natural ecosystem may not ever recover.

The vegetation was replanted after filming had finished and additional bamboo fences were put in place to support the dunes. Filming commenced in 1999 and The Beach was one of the most eagerly anticipated films of 2000. Many visitors cite the film as the inspiration for their trip to Thailand.



The cliffs are the reason we chose Phi Phi Le because in the story, the beach that the characters are living on is surrounded by the high sea cliffs from the sea.



So, it's a secret. It's like a big secret, swimming pool and beach in private and this is the attraction for the characters. That's why we have to use Phi Phi Le." - Andrew Macdonald, producer of "The Beach"


Getting to Maya Bay

From Phi Phi Don you can rent a longtail for 3 hours or for a full day, with a maximum of 4 passengers. Speedboats are also available for half-day and full-day rents and usually allow for a maximum of 6. There are also many different kinds of boat tours that include Maya Bay in their itineraries. Various kinds of boats are used, such as longtails, speedboats and ferry boats. From Phuket and Krabi, tours depart daily, mainly by speedboat

Longtail boat to Phi Phi island Phi Phi Island Transfer Services

1-8 PAX

Half-day  price 3,000 THB
Full-day  price  7,000 THB

1-15 PAX

Half-day  price 8,000 THB
  Full-day  price  15,000 THB

1-10 PAX

Half-day  price 18,000 THB
Full-day  price  30,000 THB

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